Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Mentionables: Cocktail Cruises: The Collection Officially Releases December 1st!

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm excited to announce that the boxed set of my Cocktail Cruise novellas will officially release on December 1st - with a new cover soon to come! It will be available in both ebook and paperback - perfect for holiday gift-giving! I have a whole bunch of "Coming Soon" events and giveaways coming up, so please keep on dropping this blog by to find out what they are!

Besides featuring the 3 original novellas (Tequila Sunrise, Sex on the Beach and Between the Sheets), there will be a special section EXCLUSIVE to this collection: cocktail recipes and sneak peeks at books from some of your favorite romance authors. Who's participating? Take a look:

Stay tuned for a cover release!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: Are You Tapping Into the World of Audio Books?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today's post is borrowed in its entirety from an email I received from Let's Write Books yesterday - but I echo its message of exploring audio books if you're an author and have never considered or seriously looked into that avenue of sales and distribution. Several of my books are available in audio format, and I've both signed with a production company and gone through ACX to produce them on my own. Bottom line: they are one more way of selling your books to an audience. Read on:

Dear Fellow Writer,

Turn your book into an audiobook and watch royalties soar. In 2013, the audiobook market generated between 1.2-2 billion dollars in revenue. Consider this in light of the fact that only 5% of all books have been converted into audiobooks. The market is huge and hungry for more.

Amazon has recognized this opportunity, and is very excited about audiobooks. So much so that they now own Audible and ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), which is their audiobook distribution division (More about ACX later in this newsletter).

Here’s why the market is so hot:

• You can download audiobooks to any phone, tablet or computer. Currently, there are approximately 1.5 billion smart phones in use worldwide (1 out 7 people) and the # of phones + pc’s + tablets + computers shipped in 2013 = approx. 2.35 billion.
• Download instantly = immediate gratification for the consumer.
• Audiobooks are portable: listen in the car/commuting, while multitasking, and on the go.
• Some people prefer to listen to books, & won’t read them.
• Great for kids and those who have trouble reading.
• The average salary of the download audiobook listener is $84,000.

Here’s why you want to turn YOUR book into an audiobook:

• Create additional distribution channels, reach new markets.
• Additional royalties for you.
• It looks professional and prestigious.
• Bundle your audiobooks with books, eBooks, videos, etc.
• No inventory needed
• No shipping required
• Environmentally friendly

Now that you know about the market and the benefits of having an audiobook, let’s look at how to produce one. There are 5 options:

1. Do it yourself
2. Hire a production studio
3. Hire talent directly
4. Share royalties instead of payment
5. Sell rights to your audiobook

The first option of doing it yourself works well if you have a good voice, work well with technology and don’t mind a small learning curve. To do this you will need a good microphone and/or recording software. I recommend a Yeti USB microphone, and free recording software called Audacity, which is fairly easy to use You can download the software here: There are also lots of video tutorials on YouTube for this software. If you have never done this before, make sure your files match the specs of the company you are producing the audio for.

If you don’t want to bother with all of this, but still want to use your voice, a great option is to go into a recording studio. They will record your reading, edit, and provide you with files. Because voice-only files are not too complex, you can easily record in a small, home-based studio and save a lot of money. Check Craig’s List for a recording studio, or consider posting an ad there to find one. Expect to pay between $25 to $50/hr. for a small studio.

The third option is to use a professional narrator. They will handle everything for you from recording to editing to producing the files. Expect to pay $200 to $300 per recorded hour. One recorded hour is approximately 10,400 words. You can find talent on, ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), and Craig’s List. Be sure to listen to their audio samples and have them do a sample of your book based on one or two pages of your manuscript.

The next option is to share your royalties in lieu of payment. This can be set up at To do this, you post your job under the category of royalty shares. You pay nothing, but agree to share your royalties on a 50/50 split. I don’t advise this if you have a short book, or if you have a book you believe will be a good selling book. I do, however, see this as a viable option when you have a long book – say 60,000 plus words, as longer books will generate larger royalty payments, and then it might make financial sense to split the proceeds.

The last option is to sell the rights to your audiobook just as you would sell the rights to your book. You can do this by finding and audiobook agent or publisher. Locate one by searching the web, asking your publisher if traditionally published, and posting on

Now that you know the different ways to get your audiobook produced, let’s discuss As mentioned earlier, ACX is Amazon’s audiobook distribution arm. They distribute to Amazon, Audible and iTunes – the big three platforms for audiobook sales.

You cannot upload to Audible or iTunes without going through ACX. It is possible to upload audios to Amazon directly from Createspace, and you can check this out if you prefer. In order to use ACX, you must have your book as a Kindle or paperback book on Amazon. If your book is not on Amazon, you will not be able to use ACX.

ACX provides a variety of options:

1. Upload your own recording
2. Hire a narrator
3. Hire a narrator for free by agreeing to share royalties
4. Sell the rights to your audiobook

Yes, there is a little learning curve in doing this, but it is very worthwhile. The easiest way to market your book and see more royalties is by expanding distribution. Audiobooks provide a very direct path for accomplishing this.

Action step:
Visit and have a look around.

Keep writing!
Howard VanEs

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Fun Facts: A Chance to Read, Review, and Win!

TGIF everyone! Some Cocktail Cruise news today:

A new 5-star review for Tequila Sunrise that says, This story was realistically warming that the story could be read on a weekend over and over again. The characters are relatable and you are able to empathize with the conflicts and opinions of each one.

And a new review for Between the Sheets too!

I’ve read all three of the Cocktail Cruise stories now and each time the one I just read is my favorite. BETWEEN THE SHEETS is no exception. It’s about single mom Andrea and sexy dance instructor Sebastian. Both characters were introduced in the earlier stories. As a stressed out single mom, Andrea has had no time for love and romance. And the oh-so-hot Sebastian is trying to escape a very public life as the star of a dance reality TV show in Argentina—he just wants to be left alone. Neither is looking for love. Neither is quite willing to trust the motivations of the other. The story was sexy, romantic and sweet all at once. Absolutely loved it!

***Now the very important news: if you'd like to read and review Cocktail Cruises: The Collection, please sign up right here: Advance Reader Copy

What does signing up mean for you? Your choice of an electronic file of the entire Cocktail Cruise series to read, Books #1, 2, and 3 PLUS the special section never before published, Spirits for All Seasons, an awesome collection of drink recipes (both alcoholic and not) from some of my fellow romance authors, along with info about their latest books! I'll throw in some fun swag too, and everyone who posts a review on release day will have their name tossed in the ring for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

Sound good?

This collection will release at the end of November, so I'm looking for reviewers now who'll be able to read and post a review within a month (Advanced Reader Copies will be available by the 3rd week in October).

Remember, sign up here: Advance Reader Copy

I'm looking forward to it ~ hope you are too!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: Sites for Fellow Authors!

Happy Hump Day! A couple of websites for my fellow authors today, in case you haven't seen these:

Read & Review Program at Choosy Bookworm - This site will list your book for potential reviewers. It does cost a fee, but your book will be featured for any reader who chooses to read and review it, within 14 days. If you're looking for reviews, you might want to check it out (although I see that they just increased their fee from $25, which I paid last month, to $50). I can tell you that for Tequila Sunrise, I had 20 people request the book and so far, I have 5 new reviews on Amazon (all 5-stars, which amazes me!). A nice bonus is that some of those readers have written to tell me that they'll be buying and reading the others in the series now!

How To Launch Your Book with at least 25 Reviews - This article is a good read for anyone in the industry, experienced or not. It has some great tips about approaching readers for reviews and making sure those reviews are posted come release day.

Good luck, and happy writing!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Monday Mentionables: Welcome to Fall!

Yes, it's officially the season here in New York: the nights are cool, the air is crisp, the sun sets earlier than ever...but those leaves! I'm not sure whether it's because we had an unusually dry summer, but the leaves this year are gorgeous. Take a look!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: The Magic Paragraph to Get You More Reviews

As an author who has lots of author friends on Facebook and Twitter, I come across posts or pictures like this a lot:

And I love them! They make me laugh or smile or nod in agreement, and inevitably I copy or share or retweet based on whatever social media platform I happen to be on at the time.

I came across this blog post yesterday and thought it was definitely worth sharing. How do authors get more reviews??? Well, we can ask for them. We can send out files and free books to a myriad of review sites and blogs and hope they will get picked up. We can also put this "magic paragraph" at the end of our books and hope it will help do the trick as well. It's a good blog post, worth reading in its entirety.

If you're an author, what have you found that helps you get reviews for your books?

If you're a reader, what compels you to leave a review for a book?

And for the love of all things literary, if you've read a book of mine lately and haven't reviewed it over at Amazon or Goodreads, I will raid the shelves at Target tomorrow and send you bags of Halloween candy to do so!

I'm serious. Sort of. If you like candy, and if you're at a U.S. mailing address. Just let me know ;)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Mentionables: Did You Stop by the Party?

Happy Monday, everyone! This past Saturday I joined a few other authors in talking all about our brand new releases over at The Romance Studio's party page. In case you didn't stop by, and wanted a peek at some more excerpts from Between the Sheets, click on this link that will take you directly there:

Party Posts by Allie Boniface

Today I'll be choosing a winner from all those who entered for prizes during the party: the choice of either Book #1 (Tequila Sunrise) or Book #2 (Sex on the Beach) in the Cocktail Cruise series! Stop; back here on Wednesday to find out the lucky reader!

Have a great start to your week, everyone :)